6 Exterior Design Lessons That Everyone Must Know

Design a beautiful entryway.

You don’t need to work in a top architecture company in Malaysia to design beautiful entryways. So, what color should you use to paint your front door? How can you make it stand out? Look into good color combinations. Pick 2 tints or shades from the same color palette for the siding colors, and main exterior trim. For the third color, go for a contrasting shade from the opposite side of the color wheel.

Landscaping is important.

Landscaping is a crucial aspect of architectural design. Doing it in your house involves more than just planting a tree at the backyard. Consider landscaping as the final decorating touch for the home exterior. To know which plants are good for your home, so you better start researching on native plants and local soils.

Light up your home interiors.

Never let your home interiors dwell in darkness. Good lighting is important not only for evening appeal, but also for home safety. Apart from light fixtures for your garage doors and doorways, there are many other outdoor lights that you can use around your property. The most crucial thing for this is to choose lights that perfectly mimic the style of your home.

Decide what windows would look best.

Windows are just as important as garage doors. They are more than just decorations. Windows are the souls of your home, and has amazing functionality. Choose a durable material that can reflect your home’s character perfectly. Modern homes look brilliant with big, floor-to-ceiling windows.

Decide on the best textures and materials for your home texture.

There is a vast range of options, so it’s normal to have a hard time deciding on this one. What materials should you use? How do you pic between stucco, steel, wood, brick, vinyl siding, aluminum and cedar shingles? Depending on your need, make sure to pick the best one to balance out durability with aesthetics.

Pick the right roof.

Choosing the best roof for your house is more than just aesthetics and colors. There are tons of building options, with varying life expectancies and costs. Materials such as tile and slate may appear ideal, but these are heavy. See to it that your home can carry the load well.

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