7 Affordable Organic Baby Clothing Brands for Your Baby

Baby clothes are essential, especially for newborn babies that are still trying to adapt to their immediate environment. That being said, there is now a huge shift towards organic baby clothing because we not only want to have the best for our babies but we also want to protect our only planet as well.

That being said, the reason why more and more parents are shifting towards organic baby clothing is the fact that about 20% of all water pollution occurs thanks (or no thanks) to the creation of synthetic fabric.

Synthetic fabrics are usually made with chemicals that could potentially cause harm to your baby and that is something that we do not want to happen to our little one.

That being said, major brands are already making the shift as well so you will be able to buy organic baby clothes from there. In this article, I will give a shout out to some of the clothing brands that provide amazing, affordable, and adorable organic baby clothes.


The first clothing brand is something that is close to my heart. PACT is a baby clothing company that ensures that they create soft, comfortable organic baby clothes that also takes care of their workers as well.

The company is touted to provide jobs to abled people and they are gracefully rewarded for doing just that. If you want to buy non-GMO organic cotton socks and other basic baby clothing, definitely consider buying from this brand.

Hanna Andersson

This brand creates amazingly stylish and comfortable baby clothes, from cozy sweaters to appropriate sleepwear. I love how stylish their clothes are and they definitely create some of the best baby sleepwear on the market.

Touched by Nature

This brand basically sells every baby clothing imaginable and aside from the fact that they help Mother Nature recover itself, they also have amazing prints on their clothing line making your baby more adorable when they wear one of their products.

What I love about this brand is that they also sell on Amazon, making it more convenient for you since you can order their stuff online.

Beya Made

This company prides itself on creating gender-neutral baby clothing that can ‘grow’ with your baby. They basically make it so that their clothes can be used for a much longer time than your typical, ordinary baby clothes.

Baby Hero

All of the Baby Hero clothes that you can buy are made of 100% organic cotton. But that is not why I recommend this company. The reason why I want to give this company a shout out is that for every purchase, the company will give a percentage of their earnings to the funding of medical items for newborns.

Mini Mioche

This company not only sells organic baby clothing but you can also find other items that your baby wants such as slippers, swaddles, toys, and a whole lot more. What’s more, is that you can also buy something for yourself as well since the company offers alternative stuff too.

From Babies with Love

Last but not least is the company that helps underprivileged children all over the world. From babies with love is a company that donates a portion of their earnings to the less fortunate children. If you want to help their cause, they offer stylish baby apparel that your baby will surely love.

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