7 Careers You Can Pursue When You Have a Degree in Architecture

The road to becoming an architect is a long and arduous one, but many people seem to believe that you only have one career path once you graduate from the course.

Sure, you can be an architect and probably work in an architecture company in Malaysia, but there are also other career options that you can take as well.

So today, I will talk about seven career options that you can pursue when you have a degree in Architecture.

1. Urban Planner

Since many of the world’s population flock urban areas nowadays, the need for urban planning is highly sought after. Which is why you can have a career as an urban planner once you graduate from an architecture course.

Not only will you be able to create plans for building structures that adhere to sustainable development, but you are also required to become adaptable so that you can solve society’s problems (when it comes to housing and providing space).

2. Landscape Architect

If you have the knack for the outdoors, then being a landscape architect may be an appealing career choice for you. These people will usually make designs for public areas, agriculture and forestry spaces, and infrastructure as well.

They have a huge responsibility, especially in making sure that the environment is taken care of despite creating buildings in the process.

3. Research Architect

Because of the wave of digital design, most traditional architects would be having a hard time keeping up with the times. However, research architects will provide new information that will help in the construction of new buildings and will also create new tools that will help ease and enhance our work at the same time.

4. Political Architect

Architects are not only tasked in creating designs for buildings, but they can also argue on some of the government’s works in terms of the city’s infrastructure.

For instance, the architect may argue that a certain structure in the city is made of flimsy materials or perhaps, you have found that a rather old building would require renovation, among other things.

5. Industrial Designer

If you do not like the idea of creating designs for buildings, perhaps making designs for small scale objects for mass production might entice you.

People who are pursuing this job would be those who want to design office furniture and other indoor materials that are produced on a massive scale.

6. Graphic Designer

When you have a degree in architecture, you can become a graphic designer as well. This is great for people who want to put their creativity in the form of expressing it in art.

7. Video Game Designer

At some point, you might have played a couple of video games back in the day. Perhaps, you are playing one right now.

Whatever the case may be, you can become a video game designer if you have a degree in architecture. Some new-age architecture graduates actually pursue a job being a video game designer because they can be immortalized doing what they love best- enjoying and playing video games.

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