Men with Prostate Cancer should have Active surveilance

The monitoring of middle-age men to screen for prostate cancer in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) has contributed to more early-stage detections of cases. The common occurrence of prostate cancer indicates that inspite of men enhancement many of these men will die with prostate cancer rather than of the disease
We know that 30-50% of PA testing prostate cancers anywhere slow to grow and pose little danger of spread, said UCLA Prostate Cancer Director
That is important information to remember for patients and doctors when thinking about treatment options. Although treatment of prostate cancer with operation or radiation therapy is effective for treating patients, there is a risk that erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence will cause significant side effects. Dr. Reiter explains that “The objective for a long time has been to try and better see which patients need and which do not need treatment.”
The idea of’ active surveillance’ was introduced in an effort to reduce prostate cancer overtreatment by recognizing patients with very low risk of developing their disease to the extent that they are endangering their health. The revised definition represents a more vigilant approach to tracking patients by routine biopsies to ensure the patient can still be successfully treattood if the disease does not continue to pose a threat or if the initial diagnosis were not correct.

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