The Importance Of Web Design And Development Services For A Business

Wanna know why web design and development is so important? Get ready for some knowledge

Do you want to generate more traffic for your business website? Do you want to set yourself apart from the intense industry competition? If you want to grow your company’s online presence, you need to develop a quality website and hiring a good web developer will do just that. This is the first communication avenue between your potential visitors and guests.

The greatest advantage of having a website? It’s available for your target market 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. People can view it from anywhere around the world, and can provide suitable, reliable details.

Several business owners would still say that their brand doesn’t need a website, and that word-of-mouth marketing would do the trick. However, the most efficient way to reinforce personal client recommendations is through a visually appealing, functional website.

Website development services can help businesses improve product knowledge, market products and services, gather more business leads, and maintain good communication between you and your prospective clients.

As the years progress, the amount of websites are also increasing at a very quick pace. Web designers and developers are making good money.

Do you think your business needs a website? Below are some of the points you should remember to strengthen your web development and design strategy.

  • Estimate the costs needed for your web development and design strategy. It all depends on your budget. If you decide to hire a reputable firm to do the work, then it would be expensive. If you do it all by yourself, it will be cheap, yet time consuming.
  • Learn more about website development and design.
  • Utilize the right tools that will make your life easier. With adequate know-how and proper tools, it would be a lot more convenient for you to construct a quality website.
  • When it comes to website development and design,  knowledge is definitely power.
  • Find out what is best for your goals by doing some research. If you don’t have enough time, you can always hire other people to do the work for you. Keep in mind that outsourcing is convenient, but it can be very costly.

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10 Marketing, Web Design and Branding Statistics To Help You Prioritize Business Growth Initiatives

10 Marketing, Web Design and Branding Statistics To Help You Prioritize Business Growth Initiatives

Both Web Design and Branding Statistics are essential in every businessmen’ thoughts. Thus, it is good if we can implement these techniques into the company’s web application development.

1. By the year 2021, 54% of all digital sales will fall under mobile e-commerce.

At this modern age, more and more consumers are spending an immense amount of time on their smartphones. To keep with the trend, all businesses must invest in mobile-friendly web designs. Websites should have simple checkout systems, responsive screen sizes and intuitive navigation. You can also take it on a higher level by investing in a powerful omni-channel marketing technique. This ensures a consistent digital sales process in every each medium.

2. 38% of visitors will stop navigating around a website if its layout is unattractive.

Moreover, 39% of users will stop interacting if the photos fail to load. If you are running this kind of business website, then you will lose a lot. Optimize your webpages for SEO aspects, like loading time and image size. You will not only create a more exciting user experience. You can also improve your overall search engine ranking.

3. Lengthy landing pages generate up to 220% more leads, compared to calls to action above the fold.

No need to cram all the important information at the topmost part of a webpage. This 2019, consumers will prefer to utilize landing pages with imperative details. Create effective landing pages for specific initiatives and campaigns.

4. Color enhances brand recognition by up to 80%.

The main objective of enhancing brand identity is to stand out from the intense competition. See to it that they remember your business, and facilitate positive connections with you. How can you achieve that? Incorporate a catchy, signature color. Remember that humans are always driven by captivating visuals. Take advantage of that fact.

5. Consistent brand presentation in all platforms improves revenue by up to 23%.

Branding is more than just a simple logo design. Website designs, product packaging, and social media channels should have the same tone, scheme and aesthetics. Always communicate a message that suits your core values and brand identity.

6. 64% of consumers believe that shared values help them establish a credible connection with a brand.

Never forget to live up to your core values. This is one of the most effective ways to establish brand identity.

7. Content marketing initiatives receive 3 times the leads every dollar spent, compared to what paid search receives.

A typical content marketing can cost from 31% to 41% less than the paid search alternative. Polishing your content marketing strategy can make a huge difference in your online presence. Continue making video productions, webinars and blogs.

8. 64% of customers finalize a purchase after watching a branded video.

Video content marketing is thriving in both ROI and usage. This is because users would rather see a video than read huge blocks of text. Once video demand meets social media demand, branded videos can establish their footing.

9. In the United States, Facebook ad revenue will surpass print ad costs by 2019.

Digital ads are gradually surpassing physical ads in droves. Why? Digital ads have the power to reach millions of people with a targeted demographic and end goal.

10. Email marketing has a median ROI of 122%.

That rate is more than 4 times higher than other digital marketing formats such as direct mail, paid search and social media. We are already thriving in a world dominated by influencing marketing and Instagram, but email marketing is still a constant resource of affordable growth.

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