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8 Typical mobile app development errors

Some errors are so typical that mobile app developer companies frequently neglect them on the pretext of trying to provide consumers with something special or different.

Are you aware that mobile apps are expected to produce $188.9 billion in revenue from app stores and in-app ads by 2020?

The data published by Statista highlights how the demand for mobile apps is rising and shows that small and medium-sized businesses have a big chance of capitalizing on the mobile app market, which is growing profusely.

Although the data highlights the growth and exposes some of the available opportunities, some data also shows a decline in mobile app use.

28% of mobile apps are uninstalled within 30 days, according to AppsFlyer. The survey conducted by Localytics reveals that 80% of mobile app users across the industry do not use the app after three months of using it.
This means that customers will not be able to use and love all mobile apps for long.

One of the reasons for this? Errors regarding the development of mobile apps.

Some errors are so common that the mobile app development companies frequently neglect them on the pretext of trying to provide users with something special or different. We can, however, mean an app is not performing as well as it could.

To become a quintessential part of the booming mobile app industry, businesses need to concentrate first on developing intuitive, engaging and user-friendly applications. In addition, the software should be well designed to be engaging for the users and also to generate revenue.

While developing mobile apps, companies need to scrutinize the end results carefully, which should be based on the following:

• Mobile app purpose

• How users achieve that purpose

• What benefit the customer receives from the app

• How the customer achieves that benefit

• Future scope for improvement The mobile app development team needs to carefully analyze these factors before. Then they have to stop these common mistakes during this process.

Mistakes in Mobile App Growth

1. Creating mobile apps similar to desktop apps

Mobile AppsMost mobile app developers also have the experience of creating desktop apps, but this doesn’t mean they can mix the feature requirements as UX requirements are different for both types of apps.
Creating a mobile app does not mean a smaller version of a desktop app is developed.

Developers of mobile apps need to understand the functionality carefully from the smartphone users perspective. Not considering the mobile app’s aim as separate from its desktop counterpart is one of the biggest development errors you can make.

2. Making the website a reflection of a mobile app

A common mistake that needs attention is to give the mobile app the same look and feel and functions as you find on the website.

Enterprises want mobile app users to identify with their website their mobile apps, extending them to the color scheme and theme, but also often want their mobile app to have the same functionality as their website.

This undermines the entire purpose of the mobile application and essentially means that if the app doesn’t offer anything different or make their journey any easier, users could also visit the website.

Although it is possible to access both the mobile app and the website via smartphones, the functionality of both must vary according to the individual goals and user base.

3. Incorporating too many features

Of course you want to engage your customers, including too many features, but that doesn’t mean bombarding them with features they rarely will use. Too many features will complicate the experience of the user and make the function for which the application is intended more complex.

It will make the mobile app heavy, on top of that. Build a roadmap for the app to counter this error, and use easy and engaging features to allow users to perform tasks.

Essentially, try avoiding over-stuffing and maintaining only the available functions.

4. Developing an app for too many platforms

It is tempting to increase the number of mobile users and it encourages you to grasp the widespread business opportunity. However, remembering this simple fact is important-every application gets modified once the actual users start using it.

Therefore, it is better to analyze the user behavior on one platform and identify the changes required and only then compare other platforms and explore your mobile app development.

5. Making apps that use a lot of space

The market share of Mobile App Platforms 5 can be listed here. Making applications that use tons of Mobile space has limited compared to mobile capabilities, from storage to battery, and size to functionality. A mobile app development company needs to consider these limitations and develop mobile apps that fit users ‘ needs but still work on the devices it intends to use.

One of the worst errors Mobile App developers can make is not paying attention to the size of the app. After all, if an app takes up too much space, there’s a greater chance of uninstalling it.
Optimize all of your web assets to reduce the size of your mobile application, break down your APK and do some code obfuscation.

• Minimize library resource use

• Allow different densities only

• Crunch PNG files

• Use WebP file format

• Compress PNG and JPEG file

• Remove unnecessary code

6. Testing without understanding the context

It’s not developers ‘ task to check. Many mobile app development firms do not have a dedicated person to test the features and functions. Instead, it’s simply testing their own app or getting another developer to try.
Any company that lacks customer reviews would not make a lasting impact on the market for mobile apps. Ultimately, the product is used by the customers and considering what they have to say about the app is vital to the success of both its success and that of the firm.

Strong consideration of user reviews will also help you make your mobile application better digital branding strategy.

7. Ignoring the reviews

Mobile app reviews is critical to the app’s success. If users took time to write reviews, it means either they’re frustrated or they’re enjoying the app and hoping to help improve it.

Reviews are also the best way to learn about the likes and dislikes of the users, which can help you improve your approach and go forward.

Any business that ignores customer reviews will unlikely make a lasting impression on the market for mobile apps. Ultimately, the product is used by the customers and considering what they have to say about the app is vital to the success of both its success and that of the firm.

Reflecting strongly on user reviews will also help you improve digital branding strategy for your mobile application.

8. Not being prepared for updates

The development of Mobile apps does not end with marketing post-launch. Instead, you need to be able to recognise the users ‘ needs and enhance the app’s functionality accordingly.

This practice is one of the most significant errors in the development of apps. While in some respects peer testing is fine, it should not be the only testing practice within an organisation.

Peer review is one of those methods which is highly regarded in terms of best practices for many industries. Nonetheless, a dedicated app tester is required to test the mobile app from every angle to determine the work done by the app developer.

Failure to ensure proper testing can mean that app issues aren’t highlighted as early as they might be.

The conclusion

App developers need to have greater insight into the audience of the app and the device they are using for error-free mobile app development process. Together with future readiness, deep knowledge factors can help app developers develop highly usable and engaging mobile apps.

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Importance of Mobile App Development for Business

Mobile application improvement is a method of programming advancement for versatile and the principle key idea is gotten from it. The primary concern is that creating of various mobile applications that will keep running on a versatile stage, is principally called versatile applications improvement.

Mobile Apps that are part of mobile app development packages are progressive changing in the tech world today, as individuals are getting drawn in with one another through Mobile telephones. For building up a business, an association must have a site and versatile application so as to develop their business. For current friend gathering, it’s difficult to live without cell phones or some other electronic contraptions.

Supposedly, many advertisers believe that a mobile application is simpler to associate with their clients and best-showcasing instruments to create a business. The versatile application enables clients to have all data readily available.

That is the reason a versatile application is such a great amount of significance in the present market. Innumerable applications and their interest in different organizations are being seen. Additionally, in certain organizations, Enterprise Mobile Application is utilized which made by individual associations for their laborers to complete capacities required to run the association.

Versatile App Languages:

For building up a versatile application various dialect have been utilized and every one of those dialects relies upon the mobile stage. As of late iOS, Android and Windows were most usually working programming frameworks. Essentially, Android dependent on Java to develop their working framework and Apple iOS utilizes ‘C’ language. Java and C dialects are commonly favored for building up a mobile application.

Advantages of Mobile App Development on Business Aspects:

#1 On-The-Go Marketing:

Mobile Application Offer On-The-Go advertising, clients can get to your business anyplace and whenever. Ordinary utilization of your mobile application upgrades brand or business. Customary utilization of your application fortifies your image when they have to buy something.

#2 Future Marketing Trend:

The Mobile application will move toward becoming advertising pattern soon, as per the source, 1+ billion Smart telephones devices are utilizing on the planet and over half gadgets associating with the web. Which means before long web crawler inquiries originate from shrewd gadgets instead of a PC.

#3 Increase More Sales:

Business implies for creating deals and income, Application helping to save the items and furthermore help to snatch new leads for business advancement. Aside from deals, the Mobile application likewise helps to upgrade brand mindfulness.

#4 Act as Social Platform:

Business winds up social with long range interpersonal communication locales and individuals are grasped with online networking. Portable applications empower to include web-based life devices which enable the client to like, offer or remark on the items. So, we should utilize these stages as business procedures so as to improve the availability with clients.

#5 Improved Sales and Service:

Mobile applications improve better deal and administrations for your business. It empowers the client to request and buy the item from anyplace and whenever. A superior method for client administrations was accomplishing by utilizing a portable application.

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