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WordPress SEO 101: A Short Guide

1. Check your WordPress SEO health.

Before taking any major step with regards to your WordPress blog’s SEO health, you need to assess its current state. Check where you are now. Don’t worry, this is quite easy to do. WordPress is a comprehensive content management system. Depending on your current standing, there are plenty of things you do to refine your workflow and improve your ranking.

2. Optimize your blog content.

Your website must be able to deliver the best content for your chosen topic. Several people are looking for authoritative, engaging articles, and reliable answers to all of their questions. Producing quality, relevant blog content for your WordPress site starts with your own unique thoughts, and take on a specific topic. See to it that all your ideas are presented well, to keep people engaged.

3. Optimize your website structure.

With a solid website structure, you can help search engines and users navigate around your website. This can also highlight the most important aspects of pages. A good website structure has two pillars–contextual internal linking and website organization. If you are not yet sure how to address this matter, there are tons of SEO service providers in Malaysia that can help you out.

4. Prioritize website speed.

If your web pages are slow loading, you would risk frustrating your visitors. That would make them less likely to convert, engage and visit again. They would not share your content, recommend your brand and link to your web pages. Speed is an important aspect of WordPress SEO, and a huge part of user experience.

5. Improve and analyze and your performance.

A great SEO campaign depends not only on executing changes, but also in measuring the results of all those changes. Check what strategies work, and then improve it continuously. Feel free to integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console in your routine.

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